I have been a member of #Bubblews since January 2013. Last July 31, I hit my first redemption ever. Since then I have written 5 articles which allowed me around $2 earning.

Yesterday though, I could no longer #login to my #Bubblews account. It does not give an error message or what not. It just goes back to the same page as if it just completely ignored me.

I got very frustrated because of the login issue. I tried to input my #username and then clicked forgot password. Then when I get the page where we enter our email address to retrieve the password is gives me this "validation.email.uniquekeyexists". I do not know what it means, and if anything, it only accrued to my already blown frustration.

I decided today to create a new account, using the same email address I previously used and the same username as a sort of experiment if the system will recognize me and tell me that the email address already exists. Surprisingly, it accepted my data without question. This brings me to the conclusion that @Bubblews somehow erased/deleted my account, knowingly or unknowingly.

This is very frustrating knowing that I have written nothing but original and 100% personally written posts. All my hardwork just disappeared. I have already contacted support and I am not really very optimistic about the outcome of it knowing that every minute, every secon, every hour of every day that I have spent here in the past days had amounted to getting my account deleted (?).

I am hoping to get an answer from &BubblewsSupport1 , whatever it might be.

I just hope there is any way my connections who I fervently follow can attest that I do exist before this account.

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