Bubblews: A Quick History of England

I have written this post in appreciation of my English buddies on Bubblews. I want to do a quick history of England from prehistoric times to the present so you can understand where English people come from. First off, I'm not English, I don't know what English or England is all about, I'm from Canada, and I live in an Arctic Country, so the history of Europe and England is quite remote to me. What I know about England is that it rains like all hell there. Anyways, I'll go back in time to give you some background.

Prehistoric Times:

People from Central Europe moved to England, they were from what today would be central Europe and Western Europe, namely Iberia. These peoples are called the Celts. They are a Celtic Variety of people, that still live in England to this day, along with Spain. So Celtic people in England and People in Spain and Portugual have the same background. Celtic people were good crafts people, but unfortunatley for them they were not good warriors. NEXT:

Roman Invasion:

Because the Celtic people were not able to defend themselves from attack from mainland tribes in Europe, the Roman Army as it pushed to expand it's territory, moved in on England, it was wide open with good land, and the Roman Superior Fighting skills made short work of the Britons' as the Celtic People were known. The Roman Army Established a City Base called, Londonium, This is the city that would eventually become London. The Romans expaned control of this terroritory all the way up to the Scottish Border, which they didn't seek to control. The Romans built great roads in England. Keep in mind that at this time the place was called Britianna as there was no such thing as England until: NEXT

Germanic Invasion

Now, the Romans as good as fighers as they were, had a massive Empire to protect, and all sorts of enemies were battle them near their headquarters in Roman. Because of this, the Roman Soliders in England got called back to Rome to help defend the massive Roman Empire, so.... The Romans and the Britons made a pack with a bunch of Mercenaries Barbarians on the north shore of Germany called the Angles and the Saxons. These were the most fierce fighting of the Germanic Barbarians, in addition they were different than other Germans in that they loved to make money, and trade. Something called commerce. So they were good fighters, they could kill you were you stand, and they find interesting ways to make money off your dead carcass. Anyways, the Romans and Britons were in for a surprise, when the Angles and Saxons came to "Defend Briton" from the other Germanic Tribes and Vikings, instead they called all their buddies in the North of Germany to come over to Briton, and they renamed the place after they hometown in Germany called, "Angeln" - Angeland - Angland to England. These Germanic Traders, killed and scattered the native Britain's into the Hinterland of Britannia, and carved up the country based on the tribes that came out of North Germany. These Germanic Warriors were tough, and you might think that was the end of it but... NEXT:


While the Angles, Saxons and Jutes Carved up England amoungst themselves, they were always fighting Norse Vikings from Sweden, Noreway and Denmark, and they spoke similar so they way they spoke changed, also they got so tied up fighting Vikings protecting they homeland from the Swedes and Norse, that French Vikings, yes, can you believe it? French Vikings Called, Normans invaded England. These French Vikings weren't really French. They were actually Danes (Denmark) that spoke French, call the Nordman (Normans) infact there is still a part of France names after these Danish Settlers called Normany. Anyways, these French Vikings, Came into England and beat the Anglo-Saxon Warriors Sensless, and took over all their land, and made the top classes speak French. That is why there is so much French words in English. This French Upper class handled all law, and administration of England, while the lower classes spoke English, which explains why to this day, English is the main language of the land.

Of course England is still a great fighting nation, and they are awesome at running commerce and trade just like they ancestors who were all about fighting wars, to make money, and enriching themselves. The tradition continues today with the United States picking up with the English left off, only with less moral authority than England when they were doing it.


Done, hope you guys like that!! lol!

English people don't hate me eh? I'm Candian, and I'm doing this from my prespectives.