Monday marked the start of the holiday treat season!

My day began with the delivery of my Scout popcorn. Once a year I indulge in this bag of deliciousness - pre-popped corn with dark & white chocolate drizzle. I have actually set a new record, since it's now Wednesday and the bag is not empty yet! (Once I finished the entire bag in a night -- this is partly why I only purchase one bag!)

Later in the day, the treat parade continued when a former coworker visited us at the library with her annual tray of fresh baked biscotti.

December can be hard on the waistline at work. Generous members of the community often share their Christmas treat with their favourite librarians, which means from the 1st to the 25th we can expect a stream of baked goods and boxes of chocolates to make their way onto our table. Today, one of our favourite local bakers dropped off a box of caramel chocolate pecan brittle. The box was empty before we all left for the day at 5:00.

If this year follows tradition, we can expect to see a few cookie trays, a large tin of Quality Street chocolates, a couple boxes of assorted chocolates, a bushel of apples and a fruit basket pass by the break room table. Plus, of course, whatever the staff contributes to our Christmas goody collection.

I think my will power is tested more than anybody else - my office is the only one past the break table, so any time I leave my desk I walk past all the waiting treats. We'll see how well I manage this year!

photo credit: @boekmeisje