Wednesday dawned wet and miserable and the pervasive gloom from outdoors necessitates artificial lighting indoors. Yet even with the overhead light on I am starting to squint to read the screen as the pathetic light fails to emit enough brightness.

The ban on 100 watt incandescent light bulbs was introduced in Europe back in 2009. Sensibly I stocked up, having no desire to change to the energy saving fluorescent light bulbs which require a bank loan here as they are so expensive. They also fail to produce enough light unless your mood is romantic.

The 100 watt was followed of course by a ban on 60 watt bulbs which were also stockpiled. Now my last 60 watt bulb is emitting a half light and the 100 watt bulbs are a distant memory. The shops have long since sold their last.

I'm of the opinion that the energy saving lights are a total scam foisted on us by politicians that profit from the change. The horrendously expensive bulb in my lamp expired in no time at all and the one on my staircase barely sends out enough light to avoid a broken neck. Is it too much to ask that we have the right to have our incandescent light bulbs back?

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