AMC has decided it had better call Saul! After the success of the meth television drama "Breaking Bad," the network began developing a spin-off series for the popular lawyer Saul Goodman on the series. The show will be called "Better Call Saul," which is a nod to the tagline that the lawyer uses in cheesy advertisements. Goodman is a slick lawyer with shady clients including Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Goodman is portrayed by the actor Bob Odenkirk but it has not been decided if he will reprise the role. The series will follow the lawyer as he starts out and before he becomes the public defender for Heisenberg. It's possible the series will follow Saul years before the "Breaking Bad" days, and could be just as successful as it's original series. The series will consist of one hour episodes and was already been approved for a full series although a pilot has not been shot. It has not been announced when the prequel series will air on AMC.

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