Wow last night on "Breaking Amish: LA" it was a little bit shocking. When Lizzie had her baby, it was very obvious that the daddy was not white. I figured it out before I ever saw that the daddy was black. It is not a big deal, but it was obvious he wasn't an Amish man.

When her brother Sam saw the baby, he totally freaked out leaving the room and going out of the hospital trying to find the dad. He said he didn't even mind that the baby daddy was not white, but Lizzie could have at least warned him. I totally agree with him on that one. It was not fair for him to come in seeing the baby and not know what to expect.

Turns out that she doesn't plan on staying with him anyway. Maybe this will change later on but you will have to watch "Breaking Amish: LA" to find out for sure what she decides.