Breaking Amish - L.A. on TLC at 9 pm central .

I am a fan of this show but some things just seem off. For one Iva already had dyed hair and has left the Amish and went to college, so why does she need to be on the show? The pregnant girl was wearing make up from day one. Andrew , well he has been out in the world long before this show. The one Amish that doesn't speak the Amish language ??

I watched tonight as they got make overs and when the lady said Sam smelled like crap almost made me choke. I don`t think he is a virgin anymore ! AND it didn't take much to break his vow to save himself for marriage .

Betsy ? WTH ? She is possessed by demons ? English call that Schizophrenia !!!! She is just a closet queen and is infatuated with Iva . By the preview of next week , she is kissing Iva and they throw her weird butt to the street ! BUT not before she puts a spell on them all !!!

So all in all tonight`s show , I will give it a thumbs up as being good , it has me hooked. I want to know what freak , I mean Betsy has in her bag going to take to the cops ? A cat head maybe ?

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