Sometimes it's good that Big Brother is always watching. Surveillance footage of a man with a black duffel bag helped police find and arrest a suspect connected to the horrific events that occurred yesterday during the Boston Marathon.

People around the world watched in horror as gruesome photos from the 2013 Boston Marathon explosions filled Facebook and Twitter feeds. Shows were interrupted to share breaking updates regarding the bombings in Boston. Families cried together as news channels discussed the deaths and injuries associated with this horrific crime.

Many marathoners lost limbs as a result of the shrapnel packed inside of the homemade bombs, a mixture believed to be composed of nails, tacks, and chunks of metal. I bawled my eyes out as my daughter and I watched the news online, so I'm extremely relieved that Boston police have found a suspect connected to the explosions at the marathon yesterday. My heart is broken for the people who lost lives, limbs, and loved ones during the tragic explosions that took place yesterday afternoon, and I pray that justice is served to the horrible individual or agency associated with this disgusting crime.


UPDATE: Now the Attorney General is claiming that no arrests have been made. I guess I got all excited for nothing. I wonder why the media is reporting that a suspect has been arrested? I'm thinking the police must have some type of lead that they're following. Most gossip stems from truth.