Rob & Remy Maaddi, the high maintenance, shopaholic, sexist couple are 7 months in their first pregnancy with double the trouble. Rob & Remy started Marriage Boot Camp in August of 2012 (it premiered May 31 on We TV) and daddy to be explained their rush into parenthood after only celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary in May.

"We decided after returning from marriage boot camp that we were ready. We certainly didn't expect it to happen so quickly. Remy literally got pregnant within a few days of trying, and we were shocked to learn we're having twins. Remy is hoping for two baby divas to Remify with bling and fabulous outfits." Rob went on saying that he hopes it's "two little athletes", but they are happy to be starting a family. "Either way, we can't wait to raise them the right way and teach them to be awesome people. We consider being parents the greatest privilege and feel truly blessed to have this amazing opportunity to bring two children into this world."

Maybe it will be a boy and girl twin set. One mini Remy and a little Rob Jr.. But, like they said, either way they are blessed and truly lucky. Watching them on Marriage boot camp, I NEVER would have pictured these two having children...especially so soon. I'm glad to see that boot camp obviously worked for them. But, I think they may have rushed it. If Remy is 7 months pregnant and they celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary while she was 5 months and they were needing marriage help at just 6 months of marriage, then why rush parentood when wife and hubby-hood needs more attention? I am definitely not against their decision and love babies :) All I'm saying is it appears like they rushed it. Once the baby comes they won't have any "alone" time or time to do couples things. They will be in mommy and daddy mode constantly. I'm not sure if they are ready to give that up. But, it looks like we will see..maybe a Bridezillas Parenting 101 LOL

Source: Wetpaint