Tigerman is a novel by Nick Harkaway. It is set on the imaginary island of Mancreu. The island is volcanic and essentially independent. Some time ago, a chemical company dumped a lot of waste in the island, it made its way into the volcano and is now extremely dangerous. The island is due to be demolished sometime soon.

The hero is Sergeant Lester Ferris of the British Army. Ferris is a good man but he has seen a lot of action and is posted to Mancreu as a sort of resting place; but it becomes anything but restful.

Ferris befriends a boy from the island. Tigerman is largely the story of their friendship and the strange paths that Ferris goes down in order to establish and strengthen that friendship.

Tigerman is very well written and raises profound questions of the nature of friendship and love and what it means to be a hero (or a superhero).

I highly recommend it for those who like reading novels that are a little unusual.

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