My daughters have orange feet, laugh when I cry, and slobber all over the place. Well, at least they do when we are having the most fun. No, my kids aren’t monsters. They are just playful.

Last year, for her birthday, my oldest daughter got a book called Boogie Feet. The book is about a monster who loves to dance, and it comes complete with a pair of matching orange monster feet. So of course, my youngest wanted some monster feet for herself.

When my girls have those feet on, things can get a little crazy. We start dancing, they start laughing, and then the slobbering comes. Now, I think that might conjure images of small children, mouths gapping, with a long string of drool hanging down to their toes.

In our family though, slobbering is when you take a deep breath, pucker up, put your lips to a person’s cheek, or stomach, or neck, and blow out all the air. I used to call it a raspberry, but I like slobber better. It sounds that much more ornery.

So the slobbering starts. They give me slobbers, I give them slobbers, and pretty soon we are just a bunch of slobbering goofs. It’s all fun and games until someone starts to cry. Then it’s hysterical.

That’s because my kids love when I pretend to cry; the more hysterical and outlandish, the better. Sometimes a simple pout will work. Then come the vocal effects. A simple “mi mi mi mi” with a pouty lip will work sometimes. Other times, a more dramatic wail is in order. When they are really wound up though, a full blown mock tantrum is needed.

Of course I never do this when someone is actually crying, or even upset. That would defeat the purpose. No, my fake cries are saved when we are all in high spirits, but need to start winding down. To be honest, the full blown tantrum usually comes first. Then we work our way down from there.

I like throwing tantrums for my kids. It helps them to be aware of their own behavior. Stopping good times, to do something as boring as say, eat, can be hard for small kids. The mimis give everyone a chance to deal with the fact that the fun is ending (for now), and that we are moving on to something else. We will soon put up the monster feet, and keep our slobbers inside. (What with the need to act civilized in public, and all.)

That’s what I adore, though, the absolute goofiness that comes with raising two girls. Sometimes is a need for discipline, but most of the hiccups in our day can be handled with a good dose of silliness.

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