FACT : Astronauts have the same rate of bone loss as people on bed rest: about 1 percent loss of bone per month.

In grand scheme of ageing our bones typically don't get much thought. That is, until your life gets flipped upside on its head because your skeleton has more cracks than a city pavement.

While women are certainly more tuned into bone loss and bone tissues than men, many of us still tend to relegate bone issues to the second tier of medical attention ( with heart attacks, cancer and anything that involves the suffix- ectomy typically standing firmly on the first tier). In fact, your bones need care during your youth, as they reach their maximum mass in your twenties. That said, most of us do know that as we age, our bones lose some of their mass, primarily through the Major Ager of disuse atrophy. Loss of oestrogen also adds to loss of bone mass in women and loss of testosterone in men, and there's certainly a genetic predisposition to bone loss. Just as important, bone loss is also related to another kind of disuse atrophy: muscle loss, because muscles also play a part in keeping your bones strong. Adding and maintaining lean muscle throughout your life puts the kind of stress on your bones that will strengthen them.

All of us remake our bones every decade. If we don't nurture and challenge them, then the body doesn't bother wasting the energy to keep them and the muscles that pull on them strong as we get older. And that makes us more prone to get shelved like a tin of beans if we do slip, fall and break a hip or vertebra. And that's all the more reason to do everything you can to make sure you're not

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