Grandparents love their grandkids, but many grandparents of the latest generation view bonding with their grandchildren as buying them expensive gifts, giving their grandchildren anything they want, waving the rules and spoiling them rotten. Now I’m not saying every grandparent does this with their grandchildren, there are some great grandparents amongst us, but in general worldwide society that might not be the case. It is important for grandparents to learn how to bond properly with their grandchildren, for they too have an important role in their grandchildren’s lives and those children will often look up to their grandparents for the proper advice and as role models in addition to their parents. Therefore it is very important that grandparents build a strong relationship with their grandchildren and there are plenty of ways to do so.

Play board games with your grandchildren. Whether it is a childhood favorite board game, or the latest board game or tabletop game that your teenage grandchildren might be interested on, dedicate play time to them, play with them, for doing so will create a sense of trust and will enhance the children’s confidence and competitive skills in life.

Don’t be afraid to sit down with them on the floor, especially if they are still babies, join them on a game of building blocks, little race cars, or even play dolls with your granddaughters. The children will appreciate this time and will not only learn to love you more, but they will not see their grandfather or grandmother as the old loving grandparent who gets them all they ask and want.

Color a picture with the children, do some crafting with them, put together a puzzle, or make little paper figurines with them, or even put up a puppet show with them. Children love these kinds of things.

Grandparents can also read books to their grandchildren, tell them stories, play playground games with them, or their favorite games too. All these things will make children appreciate their grandparent’s wisdom and knowledge in life.

Don’t be afraid to watch a movie with them, listen to their music along with them while doing other things, or listening to them talk about their school, friends and life issues. Never be scare to offer a little advice to them as well.

Go through old family photo albums with them too. Show them pictures of themselves as little babies, of their parents and even of yourself and family. While you do so tell them about those times, stories about their parents, their childhood and so on. Children will treasure those memories and precious times even as they grow older. I did this often enough with my grandmother and those are some of my most treasured times with her.

Take your grandchildren on a camping trip, nature hike, or fishing. Use the time to teach them facts about life, nature and fun cool things too like setting up tents, building camp fires, how to catch the perfect fish, make smores, tell spooky stories by the camp fire, or even gaze at the stars and show them the North Star, Polaris and other constellations.

Allow your grandchildren/granddaughters to paint your nails, brush your hair, and put make up on your face. You can also allow your little granddaughters and grandsons to play dress up with your clothes, paint your little granddaughter’s finger nails, give her a pretty hair-do, or even put girl make up on her face and let her pretend to be all grown up.

Grandmothers can also engage in teaching their granddaughters how to cook, so, crochet and do other things. Who knows perhaps in the future the granddaughters will develop a career in those things and even if they don’t they will enjoy doing those things because it brings them closer to their grandmothers and reminds them of the bonds they have always had.

Grandparents don’t have to be the big spoilers and go against every parent’s upbringing of their children in order to get their precious little grandchild’s whatever they wish as long as it keeps them happy. However by doing the above mentioned things grandparents can create a strong bond with their grandchildren that will last a life time and bring them closer than ever.

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