BMX Biking is fun for children if they do it in a safe manner. My son was given a BMX Bike by his Dad and for the most part he went to the Bike Park and rode his BMX Bike. He practiced safety by reading about the different tricks and jumps he could do safely on the internet. He made sure he wore his Helmet his knee pads and his gloves and most always long pants. He had a group of his friends that were really interested in jumpIng and do the different tricks the BMX bike can offer. He had practiced his jumps several times and always practicing safety,

As a mother and a Nurse I have seen some pretty bad Bike accidents and Ialways warned him. If he was going to use his BMX bike to use it safely at the Bike & Skate Park. The Main roads were no place for his BMX Bike.

Of course young teenagers will be teenagers. He and his friends decided to go to the center of town and jump the stairs of an elementary school on the weekend with their bikes. He had his helmet on and of course he was a dare devil like the rest. Only he went flying off his bike and took a header luckily he did not hit his head. However he did injure his Kneecap. He was not able to walk. He was not wearing his knee pads or his gloves and he went over the bike causing him to land on his kneecap. He needed to wear a knee immobilizer for the next month and fluid built up around the knee. The knee had to be drained and he had to take antibiotics to prevent getting a septic knee. Bacteria in the knee joint. He had to stay off his feet and sit in the recliner for one month with the knee immobilizer on.

All in all a horrible accident and his knee has never been the same. He gave up BMX Biking after this I was so happy. Really he was lucky he could have broken something like his back a leg or an arm. This was two years ago and he still complains of pain in his knee. Once you injury a body part it is never the same.

I am writing this post to make parents aware of the dangers of BMX biking.


Photo: My own son my own picture