When you think of chickens the thought of them becoming extinct never comes to mind. But that is close to what may happen to this particular breed of chicken. There is only a few of these chickens left that are a pure strain. Maybe only 150 to 200 of these are left and they are mainly in Bulgaria. There are a few in other places but they have been crossed with other chickens such as the Rhode Island Red.


The Black Shumen Chicken has been around since the 20th century where it was bred in Bulgaria. It is an all black chicken with a green coloring blended into it. They are light in weight and only weigh between two to four pounds.


They lay a medium sized egg that is white in color. The eggs are average in the number that they lay, laying only 150 to 160 a year. This may be one of the reasons this particular breed of chicken hasn't succeeded in the world.

The Black Shumen Chicken was bred mainly for small farm life in Bulgaria. The chicken is a fair chicken as a forager. It is also a good chicken for brooding its. eggs and caring for it's young.

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