Have you discovered Bitstrips yet? If not, you need to find it! Bitstrips is an App available through Facebook and Twitter which gives you the tech to design your own 'avatar' (basically a cartoon version of yourself) and then star in your own comic strip. Bitstrips goes one better and actually provides you with hundreds of template cartoons to get you started so you don't even need to think of anything funny yourself, Bitstrips does it for you.

Or you can do what most people do and 'pimp' a template to suit your own purposes - you can use a cartoon in which you star and then add your own captions or your own dialogue with a selection of handily provided speech bubbles.

And once you get the hang of it, go one better and invite your Twitter followers of Facebook friends to join in - they can then become co-stars in your BitStrip.

It takes minutes and makes a nice change to create your own comic strip on your Facebook page or Twitter feed - so go on, get your avatar and start being a social media star!