Does anyone here knows about this new money on the internet,called Bitcoin? This coin is release last 2009,but i just encountered this thing on the internet. It is really so promising to earn online,because 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 813 dollars. I been trying this now,and i been paid already but just really small amount,for now i have paid 0.000055 BTC, as what i have earn for 3 days,it is really small right? But that is okay as long as it is really true. What i said i have paid only on my wallet, I mean before you can earn that coin,you should have called wallet, their is a site you can make an account too. But i still don't have see any payment made to Paypal,because this coin is accepted online as one way of paying. But for now i am confuse if this is really true or not. Does anyone here have tried this one? Hope you can enlightened on this matter guys.

Photo credited to me: beautifulsharon