Do you know bitcoin? She is a digital currency created in 2009, all made ​​from free software. Because of this, it does not depend on any centralized issuer or a major bank to exist and be operated. That way, you can transfer money and pay off debts.

Until recently, this type of financial transaction with bitcoin only worked online. However, the French government opened a series of permissions and now also the company behind this digital currency will be able to start operating as a real bank - but to make this possible, the company needed to join the other two companies, Aqoba and Credit Mutuel.

Because of this, now people can deposit in this bank bitcoin, including making the conversion to the euro. The depositors will earn a debit card that will be used normally in any establishment with accredited and having "little machine" correct.

A strong currency

Maybe you think this news will not be for nothing, after all, few people use this currency. It turns out that the acceptance of bitcoin is difficult by the fact that the "digital world" is subject to many attacks by hackers, which facilitates a number of financial frauds.

With the creation of a real bank and physical transactions with this currency can be considered safer. With this, more fans will come and bitcoin will be able to consolidate once. However, we have to wait to see if that will even happen.