Ir . H. Joko Widodo , who was conceived in Surakarta , June 21, 1961 better known by the handle Jokowi is a furniture businessperson and he is the Leader of Surakarta (Solo ) twice throughout the administration period 2005-2015 . In his residency , he spoke to F.x. Hadi Rudyatmo as bad habit leader . Around then, he was named the Indonesian Popularity based Gathering of Battle . In 2012 , he on top of Ir . Tjahaja Basuki Purnama , M.m. ( Ahok ) send as a hopeful for senator and bad habit legislative leader of Jakarta .

Biodata Jokowi - Joko Widodo :

Prominent Name : Jokowi

Full Name : Ir . Joko Widodo

Conceived : Surakarta , June 21, 1961

Political gatherings : PDI-P

Wife : Ny . Hj . Iriana Joko Widodo

Youngsters : Gibran Rakabumi Raka , Kahiyang Ayu , Kaesang Pangerap

Religion : Islam - Distraction : rock music beaus

History of Training :

  • SDN 111 Tirtoyoso Solo, Solo Smpn1 , SMAN 6 Performance

  • Civitas: Employees of Ranger service UGM 1985 graduates

Occupation : Ambitious person , Exporter Furniture , Solo Leader 2005-2010 and 2010-2015

The new legislative leader of Jakarta , Joko Widodo has an extraordinary youth story . Little Jokowi had felt the severity of his home when dislodged . Jokowi adolescence shaded jokes and delight , punctuated by incidental hollers . Dwelling at the same spot his father in the wood business Cinderejo Lor , expelled and be the inside of travel administrations . The mother said that more diminutive Jokowi is a figure of calm , however agreeable . Numerous individuals know Jokowi as dependably succumb , to stay away from a battle . The disposition Jokowi inherited from both folks who dependably taught the importance of true and mindful .

As opposed to most kids , Jokowi dependably stroll to class , while others showcase the most recent bike . Concurring Jokowi that time , the school is not too a long way from home , so the walk was not an issue . Jokowi showed dedication to folks through state of mind , as well as various accomplishments . When I got to be leader of Solo to be the Legislative head of Jakarta , the individuals who knew him never thought little Joko life venture . Jokowi figure extraordinarily cherished by his individuals . Help Solo occupants not vanished , incorporating the present propelled Jokowi get to be Legislative head of Jakarta . The woodworker's child too, has now turned into the most obvious in Jakarta .

Little Jokowi is the child of a " woodworker " . After he moved on from secondary school , then proceeded his studies at the Employees of Ranger service, Gadjah Mada College . In the wake of moving on from school in 1985, he relocated to the area and work in one of the SOE . At that point he came back to work at the Organization Solo and occupied with the timber , CV . Teak wheel . Having had enough , in 1998 , he quit chipping away at the CV and begin his business capital of the experience he had ever had. With diligent work , determination and diligence , Jokowi at long last figured out how to develop its business and turn into an exporter of furniture .

Jokowi earned a building degree from the Staff of Ranger service in 1985 . The point when running for leader , numerous mistrust the capacity of a man who is a trader 's house and enclosure furniture up actually when he was chosen . In 2005 , Mr. Jokowi chose to run for Leader of Solo with PDI political gathering as his political vehicle . He inevitably was chosen as Chairman of Solo . Throughout his authority , the Performance much advance . A year after he headed , numerous orderly leap forward made ​​by him . He took the case of the improvement of numerous urban communities in Europe he regularly went to keeping in mind the end goal to drive business.

Under his authority , the Performance might change quickly . Marking for the city of Solo performed by concurring Solo trademark is " Solo: The Soul of Java " . Dynamic steps does what's necessary for the extent of the urban communities in Java : he was fit to migrate the garbage merchant in Park Banjarsari very nearly no turbulence to revitalize the capacity of open green spaces , giving prerequisites on gurus to need to ponder people in general investment , behavior routine steer and open correspondence ( show by nearby TV ) with the group . Balekambang parks , relinquished since surrendered by its coordinator , maketh the recreation center . Jokowi additionally completed not dither to reject the gurus who finished not concur with the standard of initiative .

As a catch up marking Surakarta he documented to turn into a part of the Association of Planet Legacy Urban areas and accepted in 2006 . Pace proceeds with the triumph of Surakarta to have the association's meeting in October 2008. In 2007 Surakarta likewise has facilitated the Planet Music Celebration ( FMD ) which was held at the Fortress complex Vastenburg undermined to be ousted the business and mall . FMD in 2008 was held in the Royal residence complex Mangkunegaran . By Rhythm Magazine , Joko Widodo was chosen as one of " 10 Individuals of 2008 "

Leader solo lowliness is not made ​​up. Work for the Performance, Jokowi is a guide who is exceptionally concerned with their lives . In the passage markets and avenues in the city of Solo , Mr. Jokowi frequently talk and listen to individuals' dissentions without separation . There is one certainty that is exceptionally amazing , Jokowi has never taken a pay for serving as a leader and an auto that he utilized as the official auto of this time just " legacy " official auto of his forerunner , Mr Slamet Suryanto .

At the decision of Chairman 2010-2015 , Pak Jokowi won 90 % of voters . It was an incredible pioneer who verifiably adored the individuals . Esemka auto , he was one of the aforementioned who challenge to wear and pioneer . Jokowi additionally support understudies automaker Esemka when the auto is not pass the emanations test . He was approached by Jusuf Kalla to run for Legislative head of DKI Jakarta in the Gubernatorial Decision in 2012 and combined with Tjahaja Basuki Purnama . He ran for Legislative leader of DKI Jakarta in the Gubernatorial Race in 2012 and matched with Tjahaja Basuki Purnama .

Snappy number directed various surveyors on race day , July 11, 2012 and the day following that support her name as the champ . The unseeded pair to win the decision Jakarta 2012. In the second round of the decision brisk number results Indonesian Study Orga

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