It would seem that contract negotiations with actor Billy Miller and the daytime soap the Young and the Restless have indeed ended. The actor has officially left the program, and the role has now been recasted. Miller was far from the first actor the play the role of Billy Abbott but in the five years that he played the part he more or less made the part his own. He certainly left a mark on it, winning two daytime Emmy Awards for his role as Billy Abbott.

Now in the wake of Miller’s departure comes this announcement that a previous actor to play the role of Billy Abbott, David Tom will be returning to role. Tom himself also won a Daytime Emmy in the role and producers hope that he can help make the transition easier for viewers since he was in the part at one time. But one question does loom will Tom have the chemistry that Miller had with onscreen leading lady Amelia Heinle who plays Victoria Newman-Abott, that is a question that will have to wait to be answered.

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