“Big Brother 2013” spoilers didn’t stop this week after all. New “Big Brother 2013” spoilers discuss how the jury is going to play out this season. This could serve as a big shocker to fans because there will be nine houseguests comprising the jury this season.

This increase in jury size means that the next person evicted from the game will become the first member of the jury. In the past the jury has been comprised of just seven houseguests who would then vote on the winner of the $500,000 prize. This season nine people will discuss the final two.

It’s an interesting move by producers, but it is also a situation ripe with conspiracy theories about what might be taking place. By sending either GinaMarie or Aaryn to the jury, this will keep them from learning they were fired from their real life jobs. This could create a lot of drama during the season finale and give host Julie Chen a lot to talk about.

This is setting up some interesting television down the road, making these “Big Brother 2013” spoilers definitely worth noting. Now the rest of the house just has to decide which two houseguests are heading to the jury first on Thursday’s double eviction episode (August 8).

Which two people would you most like to see leave the house?

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