"Big Brother 2013" spoilers for the week could apparently still shift. The "Big Brother 2013" spoilers in Week Five had already revealed which three nominees are facing a possible eviction on Thursday (August 1). With that set, it looked like Howard had a one way ticket to leave the competition. His buddy Spencer has been working really hard to save him, though, and he continue to try to work out a way for the other houseguests to keep him for at least another week.

This is a tough sell for Spencer, especially because the rest of the house sees Howard as a big threat in the game. There are rumblings of several people being willing to change their vote, but it could take a lot of promises and conniving to get it done. It seems that the only guaranteed vote that Spencer actually has is his own, but that GinaMarie and Judd could be swayed with the right conversation. He would then need to find two more votes to get Amanda evicted, but that won't be easy either.

If Spencer can convince Judd to flip, he might get Jessie as well. That would then put him one vote short of saving Howard. The hope would then lie in Helen, who could be swayed once again, but who has had problems with trusting Howard for quite a while. Maybe the biggest mistake that Spencer is making is that he keeps trying to focus on Andy, who doesn't seem inclined to vote for anyone but Howard.

Do you think it's even possible for Spencer to flip the house? If not, there probably won't be any more "Big Brother 2013" spoilers this week until after the eviction.

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