"Big Brother 2013" spoilers could indicate another jury twist is coming. These latest "Big Brother 2013" spoilers seem to point to jury members competing for a chance to re-enter the house. That would certainly bring something fresh to the show and introduce a new wrinkle that could get fans really interested in the progression of these characters.

It's hard to pin down if the rumors are going to be true or not, but there have been special powers given out in the past. Maybe one of those powers will be for a current houseguest to bring back someone from the jury if they want to. It still also seems strange that producers have nine people going to the jury house this season instead of seven.

It could turn out that these rumors don't hold a lot of water, but at the same time, it could certainly raise the excitement level of the show. Several fan sites are already speculating about this issue, with many different ideas about how the jury is going to come into play down the road.

Only time will tell whether these latest potential "Big Brother 2013" spoilers come true, but producers might need to figure out something if they don't want viewers to start turning away after what happened during the double eviction.

Would you be excited to see Judd return to the house? Should the jury members just stay evicted?

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