Get ready for the tears after you watch the video. They were rolling down my face....

Candice Stewart is one of the more normal people now on the Big Brother 15 Season right now. She is not racist, not foul mouthed, not running around naked, not being vulgar or anything else like some of the others on that current TV show. She is a very forgiving person who after her birth mother let her go to another family for adoption, agreed to go on an episode of "Searching For..." (which actually aired a few years ago) to meet the mother that had to give her up at birth. The reunion is a happy one, they are sharing photos and being together again.

One thing I truly loved hearing is how that Candice and the mother that raised her are still forgiving enough to welcome Candice's birth mom into the picture, so that she has two mothers, so to speak. The birth mom's apologies are so sincere and honest that I truly believed this lady was sorry for giving her up. I can't imagine her reasons for giving up a baby but there are quite alot that probably came up at the time.

Here is the source page and the video if interested~

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