Bethesda has been called many things over the course of this generation. Some have called them one of the best developers out there. Others have had much, much less jovial comments of them. Either way, they will have certainly left their mark this generation, for better or worse.

Bethesda's hatred mostly comes from the Playstation 3 and PC camps. Especially the Playstation 3. And with good reason. The PS3 and PC crowds have been treated like second class citizens by them. We can't blame them for brokering timed exclusive deals with Microsoft. This is a business after all and if Microsoft is willing to constantly shell out the extra cash, so be it. However, the real problem comes from their lazy work in regard to the PS3 and PC.

When you take a look at Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, one thing becomes clear. Bethesda only cares about their xbox audience. When you look at how poorly the PS3 versions of the same games were developed, you get a clearer picture of where Bethesda's loyalty lies. And if that wasn't bad enough, the PC, where they got their start gets treated with the same lack of care the PS3 does. But at least with the PC, the communities themselves can create mods to mitigate Bethesda's shortcomings.

And there is no excuse for this behavior. The excuse of "it's too difficult to develop for" has long flew away. So by the time of say Skyrim's development on the PS3, they should have known EXACTLY what they were dealing with. Yet the somehow still managed to mess up the PS3 version of the game. Instead of giving the PS3 owners the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim, the PS3 fans were treated with various excuses as to why they can't get the job done.

Now, they've recently stated how their next DLC for the game, Dragonborn would be ready for both the PC and the PS3. They've gone on record to say how this next DLC pack is one of their most ambitious yet. Which begs the question, how is it they can do something like this for the game yet they still don't have Dawnguard or Heartfire up and running on the system?

One thing that is important for any company isn't how you start the generation, it's how you leave it. With the next set of home systems on the way soon, Playstation owners will have a very bad taste in their mouths when it comes to Bethesda. And in turn, that could really hurt at least a third of their revenue. As gamers become more and more aware of how company's treat them (just look at the backlash Capcom has been getting), Bethesda better find some way to make amends to the PS3 and PC audiences respectively. Because if they don't, with the way development costs keep rising, there is no guarantee they'll be able to survive on Microsoft's coin alone.