Dota Lod really the best and this make your dota expertise on expermenting a skill combo of a hero. In Dota, there are many skills that makes a hero to be tanker specially for those strenght type heroes.

In Dota Lod, the best tanker skills for me are many combination because almost of the skills in dota is tanker type if you used it well. This is my set of skills which is the best tanker skills on Dota Lod map.

1 3rd skill of Morphling

-as we all know that this skill of Morph can exchage your strength and agi stat. This is good for me because you will transfer all of your stat in agi to your str.

2 3rd skill of trent

-this skill adds you an additional armor.

3 3rd skill of Axe

-this will be helpful because it can block damage and make this skill also as your killer skill.

4 3rd skill of Davion

-this skill have bonus regen

5 Borrowed Time

-this skill of Abaddon is really helpful because you are the target.

6 Last skill of Slark

This skills are really the best tanker skills for me, you can backdoor easily but if your opponent is killer type and have a 3rd skill of Ursa Warrior, then you have no luck because your hero will be food for them. #awesometips | #dota-lod