I'm here again to share my simple yet working knowledge on what is the best skiller type of skill in playing Dota Lod or Legends of Dota. In this post, I will share only my Ideas on what is the best skills if you want to make your hero to be good skiller and made your enemy dominated by you.

In Dota Lod, We are selecting any skills and if we choose to be a skiller type, there will be a times that our skills are the same key to be activated, So, be careful with this error because it made you sick on click it using mouse which is reduces your fast hands move.

So, here it is my favorite skills to be a good skiller type hero in Dota Lod. #3rd skill of Destroyer -we all know that this is the most useful skill to recover mana when using skill, So, it is the best because your hero type is skiller and you don't have to problem about mana. #Any skills which have good damage -the two slot of skills will a skill which has good damage like spam skill, stun and other skills. #Last skill of Ogre Magi -this the most used ultimate skill because it can multiply your skill damage and the cast. All of the skill will be in multicast, So, you have more chance to kill any heroes even if that hero is in tanker type. #Invisible skills -this is also used to hunt other heroes and escape to heroes which is in killer type, you can choose last skill of rikimaru and other last skill which give your hero invisible.

This is my favorite Dota Lod skill in skiller type hero, if you want to try a different skills, make sure that the activator key is not different because it makes a lot of hassle to be clicked using your mouse. #Awesometips | #Dota-Lod