I've lived in a lot of places in the United States. Matter of fact, I've lived in the west coast, the east coast and the gulf coast. I can honestly say that my favorite place to live so far is Oregon. I think this state and the city of Portland specifically are very underrated compared to other places to live. Not to put down the other cities I've been in, but none compare and that's just the bottom line. So I wanted to come up with a list of reasons that I really like living here. That's not to say we won't move somewhere else eventually but I'm comfortable and happy in my Oregon residence. Of course I might not be so enthusiastic about it when it's been raining for a few more months, as it seems to rain until you are completely water logged in the winter time and then it rains some more. So here are my reasons:

  1. The summers here couldn't be more perfect. Not to hot, not to cold, not humid, not dry. Just perfect and beautiful!
  2. No sales tax! That's right, you can consider everything on sale here because there is no sales tax. The price you see is the price you pay. AWESOME!
  3. They pump your gas for you. In Oregon, there is no self-serve and I love it! No gas smell on my hands and often I don't even have to get out of the car!
  4. As much as recycling is a PITA, I love how Earth conscious Oregonians are. They are so into it that recycling gets picked up more often than trash.
  5. This is hands down the best place to raise kids. If you say anything else, you probably have never been anywhere else.
  6. I love waterfalls! I love looking at them, being at them, hiking to them... And there are a great handful of waterfalls all within 45 minutes of my house. Too cool!
  7. Skiing! I haven't been skiing since right after high school and once I have this kid and hopefully get back in shape a bit, I plan to hit that mountain! (Mt. Hood that is!)
  8. The most beautiful coastline I've ever seen. True, it's not great for swimming or surfing. It's rocky and cold and has lots of cliffs. That's what makes it so pretty though!
  9. The people who live here tend to be genuinely friendly. When I was in the south, people were polite. That's not the same. In California, they didn't even see you.
  10. It is really safe here. I know that goes hand in hand with being a good place to live but it's good if you don't have kids too. I've lived in some rough places and I guess I got kind of desensitized or I would have run screaming. I have to say Portland is pretty awesome in that it is considered one of the safest cities in America. The murder rate is incredibly low and compared to other places there is very little crime. When I lived in New Orleans, we had bars on our windows. In Portland, I can sleep with my windows open and no one has tried to crawl through yet.