Preferred to owned a phablet (phone and tablet combination) or a smartphone? In later days, this phablet or a phone having a tablet size dimension became viral today and the most known phablet is the Galaxy Note 2 of Samsung. So, Philippines phone manufacturer also making this phablets and I will share to you the best products from our own phone manufacturer.

Best phablets product in the Philippines 1. Cherry Mobile Omega HD Screen size: 5 inches Price: Php7,999 Availability: Officially released this week This is the best phablet in its price for now because it uses dragontrail glass technology and the crowd want to unbox this phablet. Also, this phablet from CM has gain many good reviews from our local tech site. Read the top rated review of this phablet here: 2. Cherry Mobile Titan W500 Screen size: 5 inches Price: Php6,499 Availability: CM store nationwide or Lazada This phablet was the user's choice last year because it has a long battery life and the specs are quite good. Read the top rated review of this phablet here: 3. Starmobile Diamond Screen size: 5 inches Price: Php9,990 Availability: will be release sooner This phablet from SM is the rival of CM's Omega HD, these two are having almost the same specs because it comes from the same company from Taiwan. Read the top rated review for this phablet here: 4. Cherry Mobile Cruize Screen size: 5.2 inches Price: Php4,999 Availability: available at CM's store nationwide and Lazada This phablet is the largestone and the most affordable. This phablet having a good reviews and read the top rated review here:

This four phablets that certified Pinoy made are the most anticipated that released this year (except cruize and titan). My criteria in choosing this four is the screen size, because according to what I've read, a phone having 5 inch and more is a ceritfied phablet devices. #awesometips #phablets #technologytips