Email is the most important tool when it comes to communication, information and information storage for multiple computers.

However, most people have more than one inbox today. Businesses have one inbox per department which makes email management even harder to accomplish.

Fortunatelly there is more than one way to manage email. Actually there are dozens of tools. The problem is there is not one great email client available for the desktop which makes it even harder to manage.

Microsoft Office Outlook is the most important email client but it is losing today. First Windows Search cannot index the messages. If you want to search anything you will have to open Outlook and manually search the emails. Second, there is no folder containing the sent emails which makes it harder to see the sent messages and you have to open the webmail to check such messages which is horrible and trully unprofessional. Third, Outlook stop working after a few months and you have to uninstall and install everything again, download all messages, add the folders manually, etc. Not a great option.

Mozilla Thunderbird used to be a great email client. Now the develpment stopped as people are wrongly moving their messages to the cloud thinking their are safer. This great email client probably won’t have any new features so don’t waste your time anymore.

Zimbra, Incredimail, etc… they are good for fun, not for work.

Unfortunatelly the best email today is Gmail for your primary email…. but the lack of reading pane, the horrible forced tabs, the slowness, etc… lack of multple external email addresses support is making harder and harder to manage email… right now if you are not an email ninja you could be losing a lot of business.