Another tip for Dota Lod gamers out there. Fury Swipes of Ursa Warrior is really deadly and it is consider as one of the best skills to choose while playing Lod version of Dota. Since you can pick six different skills on this game, take time to read my best combination of skills on this Fury Swipes skill of Ursa Warrior. This skill is only good for melee type heroes, especially Agility* -Overpower (Second skill of Ursa Warrior), it gives a 400% attack speed which really enhance the fury swipes. -Wind Walk (Third skill of Bounty Hunter), it gives an incease of movespeed and ability to hide and hunt heroes perfectly. -Wex (Second skill of Invoker), it also gives a little increase of movespeed and gives damage to an Agility hero. Two Ultimate or Last skill are your choice* For me, -Grow (Last skill of Tiny), it gives an incredible based damage and little movespeed. It reduces some of your attack speed but you have the Overpower to fill it. -Your choice, wether Last skill of Abaddon, Mortred, Slark, Ursa Warrior and etc. #personal-share #awesometips #Dota-lod