This post is for Dota Lod addicts out there. We all know that slark is considered as a best carry and hitter hero. With the help of its third skill or called as essence shift where it steals stats of the hero that Slark attacks. The stats will be added to slark that's why this skill is considered to be a best skill for killer or hitter in playing Dota Lod. So, for the main topic of this post, I will share to you some of my tips in what is the best skill combination of this Essence Shift skill. We need 5 more skills to complete the skill combo and this what I will share to you.

This is for Meele Type of Hero, It will be the best three common skills (not ultimates) Pick these skills *Wex (Skill of Invoker) *Empowering Haste (Skill of Spirit Breaker-Barathrum) *This slot will be your own choice but for me I preferred Pounce (Skill of Slark) For the two ultimates pick these. *Shadow Dance (Skill of Slark) *Chrono (Skill of Void) With these skills above, it is clearly stating that your meele hero will be grant a fast movespeed of something 500+ ms. This movespeed will be the best to hunt down any heroes and dominate them. Also, if the hero you are lurking also having a full move speed then the Pounce will work. So what do you think about it? #personal-share #awesometips #dota-lod