The Sun can be a lot of fun to read because they come up with things like "best star without a bra." Now this is a contest that I can get behind! Kirsty Gallacher won the sexiest star without a bra contest. She probably isn't one of the better known celebrities on the list. I knew the name but had to google her to remember who she was. Kirsty Gallacher is a Scottish TV host and as you can see from the photo above, looks great when she's braless!

Second place was my favorite Friend, Jennifer Aniston. She has been known for her poky appearance since the days of Friends and I'm glad that she's getting recognition for her braless wonders. Rihanna was third place. I know that Rihanna was fond of taking topless pictures of herself but I did not know she also had a reputation for going braless. I might have to pay more attention to Rihanna in the future! Rounding out the list of best stars without a bra were Liz Hurley in fourth place and Lindsay Lohan in fifth. Lohan should deserve special recognition for flaunting her no-bra look more than the others. Her boobs are about to come out of that shirt!

Lindsay Lohan may be trying to win the contest next year since she continues to go without a bra. I had to share this one also because no celebrity in their right mind would wear this braless while getting out of a helicopter. Since Lindsay Lohan isn't in her right mind I guess that explains her choice to wear it! She didn't place in the contest but I had to give a special prize to one of my favorites. Oscar winner Anne Hathaway who is one of the most gorgeous women that likes to flaunt the no-bra look!

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