League of Legends is without a doubt the number one online game today. It has over 30 million players strong and is a very strategy and team oriented game.

One of the aspects of the game is the attack damage carry. This person focused on physical damage and auto attacks to take down enemies, minions, and turrets. They are vital to any team and every team must have one, but which ADC is best?

As of this writing after spectating various Diamond 1 games and watching tournaments, that the strongest ADC's in League of Legends is Jinx, Lucian, Caitlyn, and Sivir. These champs bring a lot of utility and damage while having ways of surviving as well, be it shields or dashes, slows and immobilizes. If you are looking for a top ADC pick in League of Legends make sure you purchase at least two of these so if you play ranked and one gets picked you have access to the other. This is also assuming they aren't banned, which Jinx is starting to fall under that category a lot.

Keep playing and keep improving! This post will be obsolete as patches and more champs come out, but at the moment these are the strongest ADC's in League of Legends.

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