Most of the time of my pregnancy, I ate monggo beans because elders told me to do so. So my husband always cooked monggo for me. Monggo is nutritious and delicious too! But what are the nutrients found in monggo beans? Why is it so beneficial to both mommy and incoming baby? Monggo beans are high in protein. It is also high in Vitamin A for the vision development of the fetus. It is also high in vitamins B2 and B3 for cellular formation. Also, monggo beans are high in folate which the fetus needs for brain development. Folate also helps in building up of red blood cells. Monggo beans can found anywhere in the market and it is cheap. Here is what I did a while ago for lunch, I saute 1 onion and 1 garlic, then put in the monggo beans. I put 3 cups of water and let it boil. I pound the shrimps head and place it to the boiling beans. I also put in Malunggay for a more healthier food. That's it! So easy and thrifty! Ops, I paired it with fried Tilapia!

Yummy tummy! Healthy body!

Before I forgot, I can say that this beans is true based from experience, I have a healthy and intelligent baby.