If you consume a normal bottle of Gatorade you're consuming around 50 grams of sugar which in this case makes Gatorade seem like a bad option right? Well this article may get you to realize that the benefits of Gatorade far out weigh the negatives. While you're working out you sweat and your body losses a lot of essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and chloride. Electrolytes are needed by the body to function properly and Gatorade contains all three of these electrolytes and replenishes your body with them. Now that's just one benefit there are still plenty more. Another requirement of the body while participating in heavy physical activities are to stay hydrated. Gatorade provides the body with a large amount of water and Gatorade's osmality, the measure of solute concentration, is slightly higher than blood and when combined with carbs and electrolytes in Gatorade allow the body to rapidly absorb the water and minerals in the drink. Gatorade is filled with carbs sucrose and dextrose as well. Carbs are essential for proper muscle function during physical activities and a 8 oz. serving of Gatorade provides 14 grams of carbs so with one serving you give your body a nice source of energy from those carbs. These are all major benefits of drinking Gatorade and you probably don't even remember what the negative was that I mentioned at the start of this article because your still amazed about all the positives. So next time you workout or do any physical activity consider drinking Gatorade