Forget about whiskey, vodka, or Rum, Beer is the most dangerous of all alcoholic beverages in America today! About 3 out of 4 people who Binge drink consume beer and those are most likely the people to drunk drive or become violent. I for one enjoy beer over wine, whiskey, or rum. Many people consider beer not to be as harmful as stronger drinks but its alot easier to get addicted to beer than any other alcohol. I used to drink a beer everyday after work until I began noticing the beer bottles piled up under the sink every two weeks then began calculating hom much money I was spending buying beers.

Then I began doing research on how harmful beer was compared to other alcoholic beverages. I learned that beer is one of the worst due to the making of it and the GMOs added and preservatives used cause all types of cancers and alzeihmers. Im not saying to quit drinking beer but have it moderatlely and know what you are putting into your body. Certain types of brands are less harmful than others. Heinekin one of the very few that arent too harmful.

Happy Bubbling !

IMAGE IS MY PROPERTY, had one last cold beer before writting this article!