I basically curly hair. Therefore I like rebonding. However, when the effect is diminished, even my hair fluffy, dull, and broken. How to solve this kind of problem? Debora Siregar

Straight hair and black to every woman's desires, so they feel compelled to perform such experiments on hair rebonding. But not only that, to keep the hair straight, black, and we still have a healthy hair care after rebonding.

Rebonding in principle is the termination of disulfide bonds between the amino acid cystine in hair keratin. That requires chemicals that can break the disulfide bonds that are very strong. Before deciding to make sure rebonding products free of harmful chemicals such as ammonia. Because ammonia is what can cause the hair to become dry and eventually expands, dull or broken.

An easy way to do the treatment is to use a hair conditioner from the middle to the ends of hair (avoid the use of the root) after shampooing with shampoo. Shampoo works to nourish the hair and coat the cuticle that can break damage. If it is severe damage to the hair, use a hair mask once a week. Choose a hair mask containing actives and vita fiber protein that can work in 3 ways (coat, nourish, and provide protein. Use a wide-toothed comb so you can easily straighten hair. #hair-care-style