Fierce duel will be presented next morning, Thursday, June 27, 2013. Prestige-laden duel that brings two old foes in the realm of South America. Brazil will face Uruguay in the semifinal round of the 2013 Confederations Cup.

The duel was to be the stage for the action of the bomber from both teams. Brazil has benefited from the status of the host will rely on the action of their bright young star, Neymar da Silva, who has scored three goals so far.

Neymar contributed a goal as Brazil beat Italy 4-2. Two other goals were recorded when Brazil beat Japan 3-0 and Mexico 2-0. Brazil coach Luis Felipe Scolari without hesitation calling Neymar as a versatile genius player.

In the eyes of Scolari, the 21-year-old hero of Brazil. "Also for all those who love football," he said. In addition to having accurate and lethal kicks, movement Neymar proved able to break the concentration of defenders.

"He saw Buffon took a wide step to the side and Neymar know what to steer the ball into the top corner. Players genius capable of making a difference, "said Scolari endlessly praised Neymar when Italian goalkeeper.

Neymar himself is actually not the striker position. Carrying the 4-2-3-1 formation, Neymar was placed as the left wing. While the position is occupied by a single striker Fred in the arena who has recorded two goals. Brazil also has a secret weapon, Jo who scored 2 goals even started the game off the bench.

Meanwhile, Uruguay also no less daunting. La Celeste is currently occupied by three world-class bomber sharp. Such as Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan. One other name that stuck out in this event is a successful Hernanez Abel scored 4 goals against Tahiti.

Inevitably this fact makes Brazilian goalkeeper, Julio Cesar wary. "They are strong in attack and could be the deciding game. Their game and I know we should be wary. Tiny error could alter the final result," he said.

"Nothing is a favorite in the game later, they are certainly much less confident after winning the 2011 Copa America," he continued.

Latin American Derby In addition to sharp fighting ranks of world-class striker, is also loaded prestige duel because together the two old rivals. The duel between the three South American giants, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are always going to high blood pressure. But many believe a duel Brazil vs. Uruguay harder than against Argentina.

"Brazil against Uruguay Duel like a derby. Duel Some people even say it's worse than Brazil against Argentina. Especially this time they want to achieve good results in a number of disappointing results following the last meeting," said Cesar.

Although ambitious to break a bad record, Uruguay coach, Oscar Tabarez admitted it reluctantly conceited. Brazil's status as the host is considered to be the motivation Brazil lift in action later. "It's going to be tough. Brazil is a great team and they are playing at home," he said.

"Something interesting against a quality team like them. And an honor to face a team of the most memenamgkan World Cup from anyone.'s See what will happen next," said Tabarez.

Throughout history, the two teams have met 38 times. Brazil is still the best by recording 14 wins, 12 draws and 12 defeats. In 38 meetings, Brazil scored 58 goals and recorded 53 times conceded.

And Brazil is never defeated by Uruguay in the span of 10 years. In that span, Brazil registered have not lost to Uruguay in their last six meetings. Following this, the two teams last six meetings at various events:

2010 World Cup qualifier, June 6, 2009 Uruguay 0-4 Brazil

2010 World Cup qualifier, 22 November 2007 Brazil 2-1 Uruguay

Copa America 2007, July 11, 2007 Uruguay 2-2 Brazil (Brazil won 7-6 on penalties)

2006 World Cup qualifier, March 31, 2005 Uruguay 1-1 Brazil

Copa America 2004, July 22, 2004 Brazil 1-1 Uruguay (Brazil won 5-3 on penalties)

2006 World Cup qualifier, 20 November 2003 Brazil 3-3 Uruguay