I applied for a job at the Red Bull Arena and had to take an test on alcohol. So i wanted to share with my bubblers. Regardless of what type of Alcohol we may drink we still need to monitor the absorption rate factor. Beer, Wine, and Liquor can cause impairment because they all contain alcohol. These absorption rate factors determine how quickly alcohol enters the body and affects us. These factors are Gender, Rate of consumption, Age, Size, Strength of the drink, and Food. IMPORTANT IMFORMATION: A 12 oz can of beer is equvalent to a 5oz glass of wine and a 5oz glass of wine is Eqiuvalent to a 1 oz glass of liquor. the BAC is the amount of alcohol in a persons body. When we get pulled over and the police check to see what is the BAC level. In new Jersey its a law that anything over .08 you are intoxicated. Now i want to share what is the percentage of alcohol you drink. Two drinks is .05 BAC, Four Drinks is .10 BAC, Eight drinks is .20 BAC and Twelve drinks is .30 BAC, so for example if a 150 pound man drinking on an empty stomach would have the following BAC levels after one hour. Also you have to look at the rate factors, for example woman tend to get intoxicated faster due to we are smaller then men. Or some drinks are more stronger than others, Its important to monitor your alcohol when drinking. I hope this was helpful information