Getting locked in the bathroom is embarrassing, but increasingly so for a baseball player during a game. Tampa Bay Rays closer Fernando Rodney made a quick stop in the dugout bathroom Friday (August 30) before he was set to head out to the bullpen late in the game. Only it didn't turn out to be a quick stop as he managed to lock himself inside the bathroom.

It ended up taking an Oakland Coliseum staff member breaking the lock to get him out of there. He was apparently in there for 15 minutes while the door was locked and it could have been pretty interesting if the closer had not been able to get out in time.

Speaking about the incident, Rodney stated that, "They got two runs when I was locked inside. They broke the lock. It was hot inside. I can only hear the crowd but can’t see game. So I don’t know what’s going on. I let them know and tried getting a key but couldn’t. I kept yelling, ‘Get me out!’”

This certainly isn't something that his teammates are going to let him live down in the near future, especially because it took place during a game. The next time he heads to the bathroom while a game is taking place, there are bound to be quite a few jokes at his expense. With what took place, it would be hard to blame anyone for making a joke about it.

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you before? If you were a teammate of Fernando Rodney what would you say to him?


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons User Keith Allison

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