I have not done anything against the Bubblews terms and conditions, in fact, I am still very pleased with Bubblews as I was when I first joined.

I am back and I am very happy that my Bubblews ban has been lifted. I wasn't exactly banned from anyone with Bubblews authority, but I was asked by my family to take a break because it was making me somewhat forget about them.

I agreed and accepted the one-day ban because I knew that I was being absorbed by the Bubblews excitement and that I needed to spend more quality time with the family. Family is the most important thing to me and this is why I accepted the ban without hesitation.

The great news is that I am back and ready to bubble until the next ban takes place. I'm not sure whether I will be banned again or not, but I will do my best to spend enough quality time with the family in order to avoid future bans.

Have you ever been banned or asked to take a break, away from Bubblews because you were spending too much time on it?

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