anti tapper own smartphone developed by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) which is one of the leading research projects. It uses a smartphone operating system called bandros bandros (Bandung Raya Operating System). The presence of this bandros smartphone is one of the Indonesian nation is commendable accomplishment and pride. One of the advantages of this smartphone is a feature bandros anti wiretapping, so the smartphone is claimed to be quite safe and secure from eavesdropping in violation of the privacy act. "These phones are used for specific purposes, one of which can be set up as a mobile anti-tapper. bandros operating system was developed on the basis of the open source Linux operating system development began in 2010. Initially, this bandros developed for hospital patients and early warning systems. Bandros operating system was developed with a budget glide through Dipa Informatics research center with a number of initial budget of Rp 250 million. However, in order to save the budget, the development of the operating system bandros only spend about USD 50 million. bandros smartphone developed for specific use and will not be sold to the public. Bandros smartphone will be manufactured in accordance with the order of the corporate environment and government markets.