Balla Lompoa museum can not be separated by Accera Kalompoang ceremony, a ceremony to cleanse the historical objects, Gowa royal heritage stored in Balla Lompoa museums. In the Balla Lompoa Museum each after Id al-Adha prayers, has become a tradition and culture of the people of Gowa perform the cleanup of historical objects.

Balla Lompoa located at Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin No.. 48 Sungguminasa Gowa in South Sulawesi. Balla Lompoa Museum was founded in the reign of King Goawa XXXI, Mangngi Mangngi Daeng Mattutu in 1936, this museum was once the place of the Kings of Gowa. Balla Lompoa in Makassar language means big house or the house of greatness.

In the Museum Balla Lompoa there are various relics including the royal heirlooms, crown and a variety of precious jewelry and also posted Gowa royal family tree, from the King of Gowa I Tomanurunga XIII Century until the last King of Gowa Sultan Mohammad Abdul Kadir Aididdin Andi Idjo Karaeng Lalongan 1947-1957 . The main palace building measuring 60 × 40 meters and a reception room measuring 40 × 4.5 meters. throughout the building and the roof is made of ironwood. This building is a building that is a typical Bugis houses on stilts and has many windows. Every Eid celebration, held ceremonial washing royal heirlooms