Bacon bowls, thats exactly what America needs. America is already one of the FATTEST countries out there so of course after all the SUPER SIZES and EX LARGES and triple cheeseburgers we REALLY need bacon bowls don't we ? American kids are obese as well, unhealthy , unmotivated to play outside and excited to play video games. I can them now MOMMMMM I want my frozen process mcnugget served in a bacon bowl !!! And of course because all these parents have bad eating habits they will oblige and make them a bacon bowl. Its so crazy to me that 1 out of 4 children in America is starving , I think thats what the commercial said. WELL YA they're hungry because other kids are eating for 3 kids!!! Its crazy how obese America is . We have TV shows about it -one is called my 600lb life BUT in the show they're like 812 lbs BUT have to loose down to 600 lbs to get the weight lost surgery. Where's all the raisins, apples and carrots? I had a neighbor of mine whose kid would come to my house and ask for food, not that she was hungry but because all she did was eat --and the child had no idea what a raisin was-she was 8 at the time. Even Maury Povich got in on America being fat, he had several shows with kids that were 150 lbs in the 5th grade and 6 month old babies being like 70 lbs. CHILD ABUSE anyone??? SO its bad enough we as adults are fat obese whatever you wanna call it BUT please people don't feed your kids bacon bowls.

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