I am back from my break and I am glad that I have finally been able to log in to bubblews.com. I have been facing and I guess...most of us have been facing the same issue. Bubblews was inaccessible for a day or two..if I am not wrong. Glad that it is working fine now. I hope it doesn't happen again as it is very frustrating when you have a thing or two to blog about but you cannot :(

Bubblews is one of my favorite sites and so I cannot think of keeping away from the same for a longer period of time. Though I haven't much to blog about now, I just want to thank all those who have connected to me very recently. The connections have crossed 100 figure mark...wow, I am just so excited !! It may take a little time but I will connect back to all those who have connected to me... :-)

Happy blogging to all my friends !!