Ever since Wyatt appeared on B&B, there’s been plenty of hints to indicate that he’s a Spencer. First off, there’s the Spencer sword necklace that he wears. Second, his mother Quinn has been very secretive about Wyatt’s father and whenever someone mentions The Spencers she gets uncomfortable. Plus, upcoming spoilers have Hope and Wyatt digging into his past, along with two former lovers meeting for the first time in years. All this leads to the revelation that Wyatt is Bill’s son.

We all know Bill is a ladies’ man, but family is the most important thing to him and once he learns he has another son, he’ll be quick to welcome him with open arms. Yet, I don’t think Wyatt will be too happy, since he’s already voiced his hatred of The Spencers.

Although, this storyline may seem cliché, I’m actually looking forward to seeing how it plays out. The writers have already established a rivalry between Wyatt and Liam, which will be reminiscent of when brothers Ridge and Nick were feuding. With Hope in the mix, you can expect their rivalry to get heated. And if they add in Steffy, it’d bring even more excitement to the storyline.

Not only will this affect Wyatt, but also Quinn who’ll be forced to face her past with Bill. I expect Quinn will also be a source of contention in Bill’s life as he tries to balance his relationships with Brooke and Katie. Yet, don’t be surprised if Bill and Quinn eventually rekindle their romance.

Given the right material, this could be B&B’s biggest storyline of the summer. Also, I believe Wyatt and Quinn have the makings of becoming the next Nick and Jackie Marone.