The wait is over; Ridge is coming back to B&B. Last week it was announced that soap fan favorite Thorsten Kaye would be taking over the role of Ridge. The news sent shockwaves in the B&B community, and I like many B&B fans are wondering how Kaye will perform as the new Ridge.

Ridge is a central character to the show and it's no surprise that producers would choose a big star like Kaye to fill the role. However, Kaye does have his work cut out for him. Ronn Moss played Ridge for 25 years before leaving in 2012 and recasting a role can go either way with soap fans. While some B&B fans are welcoming of Kaye, there are a few who may not be too happy.

As a longtime B&B viewer, it's going to be difficult to see someone other than Ronn Moss in the role. But I have seen Kaye's work and I think given the right material he could do a good job as Ridge. During Ridge's last years on the show, his character changed. He became more arrogant, wasn't a good father to his kids, and seemed gullible when it came to Brooke and her behavior. (The guy dumped Brooke when he found out she became pregnant by Deacon, yet he forgives her for sleeping with Oliver, Hope's boyfriend. That doesn’t make sense to me).

With Kaye, I think we’ll see a different side of Ridge. Of course he’ll have the same handsome and business savvy persona, but I can also see Kaye bringing out Ridge’s softer side. As for his relationship with Brooke, I don’t think he’ll be too accepting of her new flame and he won’t be the type to quickly forgive her and tell her it’s alright that you slept with your sister’s husband.

I’m anxious to see Thorsten Kaye on B&B and December 13th can’t get here soon enough.

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