In a promo video for this week’s B&B, Hope mentions that she wants to have kids. All soap fans know this is a foreshadowing of events to come, and I think we’ll be seeing Hope pregnant sooner rather than later.

As Liam and Hope plan their upcoming wedding, Wyatt continues his quest to win Hope’s heart. With the help of his mother, Wyatt’s come up with a plan which involves him and Hope going to Mexico to retrieve the Hope Diamond. According to next week’s spoilers, Wyatt and Hope will be returning home with a big secret.

My guess is that Hope and Wyatt sleep together while on their trip, yet Hope will keep this a secret from Liam. Despite her guilt and other obstacles, she and Liam will finally get married. However, a few weeks later Hope discovers she’s pregnant and realizes there’s a possibility Wyatt could be the father. With the help of her mother, Hope tries to keep the baby’s paternity a secret, however her conscience gets the best of her and she tells Liam the truth.

Liam unable to take anymore lies separates from Hope and takes his anger out on his brother Wyatt. As for Grandpa Bill, he won’t be too pleased with the pain Hope’s caused his family. Quinn, who’s now a fan of Hope, will be excited about the idea of becoming a grandmother and I have a feeling she’ll resort to dirty tricks to get Hope and Wyatt together.

As usual Hope will put on the waterworks about how much she misses Liam and didn’t mean to hurt him. Meanwhile, Wyatt will swoop in and charm Hope, the two of them will become closer as they prepare for the birth of the baby. When Liam finds out about Hope and Wyatt, he’ll become jealous and decide he wants Hope back. As for the father of Hope’s baby, no matter who it is, Hope’s not going to be happy with him because she’ll keep pining after the other guy.

So B&B fans, do you think Hope will end up pregnant? If so, who do you want to be the daddy?

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