The Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker and Roger Rodas autopsy report has come out. It says that Roger, who was driving had not been drinking or taking drugs, but the speed they were travelling at was the cause of their deaths. They were travelling at over a 100 miles an hour which resulted in the driver losing control of the Porsche and the car started to spin round and hit the sidewalk. This resulted in the car hitting a tree on the drivers side (Roger),then hitting a lamp post. The car then spun around 180 degrees in which the passengers side (Paul) struck another tree, before bursting into flames. The police man who was first on the scene said the car looked like it had been split in half. Investigators could not previously give an approximate speed of the vehicle until the cars black box had been found. It's ironic Paul died the way he played his Fast and Furious part. It's very sad for both families of these two young man. Who had such a wonderful life ahead of them.

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